Genre: Prog Rock

Instrumental Inspiration

Curated by the Sumerian staff, this eclectic playlist of instrumental music from all genres is perfect for road trips, studying, or just straight up chilling. Electronic, acoustic, heavy, dark, bright, you’ll find it all here; but no vocals.


Music reaction channel (mostly metal and rock). I like exploring different music and hearing new music. My favourite genres are death metal, melodeath, prog metal and prog rock.

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UK Music

Promotes the interests of composers, songwriters and music publishers. @UK_Music

Uncensored Interview

A leading content creation studio and distributor of video interviews. Our library includes thousands of professionally produced interviews with today’s most fascinating personalities. Our free-form format allows influencers in art and pop culture to contribute their authentic thoughts and commentary on topics that matter most to them, and we syndicate our interviews as video clips, …

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USA Songwriting Competition

The world’s leading international songwriting competition. Winners will be chosen by a Blue Ribbon Judging Committee comprised of music industry professionals including A&R managers from record labels, publishers and producers. Songs are judged equally on originality, lyrics, melody and composition. Songs may be in any language. Quality of performance and production will not be considered. …

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