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Gore Grinder

This channel supports all kinds of grind (anti-)music and stands against racism, animal cruelty and religions. I don’t monetize any of my videos. If you see an advertisement it’s due to copyright claims. All rights belong to the artists and their labels. Keep on grinding in a free world!

No Punks In K-Town

Find out about some great new bands and keep the spirit of real underground punk and hardcore alive.


This channel does not accept nor receives any form of revenue. It truly is a labor of love. That said, any homophobic, transphobic, racist, sexist, fascist or misogynistic comments will not be tolerated, and you will be banned from the channel. Keep it posi and enjoy the channel. Up the punx.

Discographies Playlist

Your complete source to underground punk music! This is a playlist of some of my favorite discographies.

Narcoleptic Fox

Your complete source to underground punk music! Sharing uploads of worldwide underground punk and all its sub-genres. These uploads are posted for sharing purposes. I do not own or have any copyright to any of the bands.


From the land of feta. Music I like. Buy records, support your local scene, DIY. Do not ask me for download links. I do this for fun in my free time, so sometimes I can’t answer to every single e-mail.