Genre: Pagan Black Metal

Black Metal Artists

A place where you will find some of the darkest black metal albums. All rights belong to the band/label. These videos are for promotional use only. I am trying to support all the bands, so take it or leave it.

Pagan, Viking & Folk Playlist

A playlist of pagan black metal, Viking metal & folk/black metal. To have your music added to the channel, send a pm via the BMP Facebook page or send an e-mail. I need a link to a page (Bandcamp, SoundCloud etc.) where I can listen to the audio you want me to upload.

Black Metal Promotion

Black metal! All official links are in the description of the videos. At the request or with the permission of bands and/or labels I upload full albums and tracks from upcoming albums. No politics! NONE OF THE UPLOADS ARE MONETIZED BY BMP!!! The uploads that are monetized are monetized by digital distributors on behalf of …

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Symphonic/Pagan Black Metal Playlist

Our playlist of symphonic and pagan black metal. To request an upload of your video, send us an e-mail. Postings are free. Please include the following info: MP3 320 Kbps or WAV. Cover in high quality. Links. Band name. Album name. Date of release. Genre. Country. Label.