Genre: Nu Jazz

Chill Beats…

Shuffle me! new music at the bottom. Butter jazz, nu jazz, chillhop, lofi hiphop, downtempo and many other chill beats to study, sleep, meditate, concentrate, daydream, just dream, chill, lounge to, smoke to, drink coffee too, or just create a awesome atmosphere.

Chill Sesh by FancyFoxx Music

The FancyFoxx chill playlist will make you feel like drinking piña coladas on a hot beach filled with beautiful people. Please submit your music via our Submission Page.

jazz re:freshed

The jazz re:freshed movement was built around its weekly live residency in the heart of West London, covering the whole spectrum of jazz and jazz-influenced music – from dance oriented jazz to the various cultural interpretations: jazz fusion to brokenbeated jazz, be bop to hip hop, avante garde to Latin jazz, Afro jazz to jazz …

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Jazz and experimental music Playlist

Listen to jazz, acid jazz and experimental music on Faeton Music Blog. Enjoy! Please visit our SubmitHub page to submit your music to us. There is a $2 fee for their submission service.