Genre: Neo-psychedelic

The Evolution of Punk (In Chronological Order)

The order is by year the band started. No, not EVERY punk band will be listed here because that would be impossible. It is in chronological order by year the band formed starting with bands that may not be punk but had influence on the first punk bands.

Deutschlandfunk Nova Playlist

This is the official playlist of Deutschlandfunk Nova. More topics and music from the information center on our website.

Electro Pop

A collection of electro-pop jams for focus, motivation, workouts, road trips or just chilling.

This Playlist Rocks

Rock, pop punk, alt-rock, metal, ska. Past, present and future hits! I am a playlist curator, streaming A&R and author of the book “Work Hard Playlist Hard.” You can submit your music through my Work Hard Playlist Hard website.

Ruban Radio

Mixture of some great, chill indie-inspired tunes.