Genre: Indie Rock

Yer so punk

So sic!! I’m truly so lucky to get to curate playlists for a large audience. I consider what I do an art form, and it’s very therapeutic for me. For playlist consideration send me an e-mail. There is a $8 fee per track review. A review does not guarantee placement.

Math rock/midwest emo

If u like twinkle riffs, very discordant chords and screams with no sense but a lot of feeling, may u like this. Also Japanese stuff cuz yes. Updating everytime i like a song lol.

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Melancholic Rock and Indie rock

Those moments you do not want to know a fuck and put on your headphones to forget everything with the magic of the music.

Nordic Indie Pop

Nordic indie pop | indie rock | Swedish | Norwegian | Danish | Icelandic | Finnish | surf pop | indie folk | chillwave | Americana | dream pop | singer-songwriter | jangle pop |


I am a singer/songwriter living in Berlin. These are songs by some of my favorite German punk bands.