Genre: France

FRANCE Playlist

Our playlist featuring thrash metal bands from France. If you would like your music uploaded just leave a comment or send a message and we will be more than happy to do so. Please note that we only accept the styles of music listed above.

French Raw & Rock Playlist

Our playlist of French punk. If you like any band published here, please support them by buying their material.

French Playlist

This is our playlist of our favorite French lo-fi tracks. We are a music community where we promote less known magnificent artists and songs from chill, indie-folk, lo-fi, jazz-hop, pop, instrumental, ambient music genres to basically everything sounds great. Submissions can be sent to our e-mail.

French Black Metal Playlist

A playlist of black metal from French bands. To have your music added to the channel, send a pm via the BMP Facebook page or send an e-mail. I need a link to a page (Bandcamp, SoundCloud etc.) where I can listen to the audio you want me to upload.

Frenchcore Hardcore

The frenchcore is a subgenre very fast paced and proposed, particularly in France. It is characterized by a generally sound “rave” based on a particular checkout ‘straight’ and low on the upbeat. In some cases it appears to have influenced industrial hardcore.

Take Away Shows Playlist

For more than ten years, La Blogotheque has changed the way people experience music. We film beautiful, rare and intimate sessions with your favorite artists, and the ones you are soon to fall in love with. Come, stay awhile and be taken away.

French Black Metal Playlist

This is my playlist of black metal bands from France. For an upload request send a message to my Facebook page.

All Cercle Shows Playlist

All of our shows put together on one playlist. If you want to give your dream location or artist for a Cercle show get in touch through our website.


Produces unique experiences, by organizing, filming and broadcasting concerts in carefully selected locations around the world. Our prime goal is to showcase cultural heritage and landmarks throughout the prism of electronic music and video. If you want to give your dream location or artist for a Cercle show get in touch through our website.