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Audio Library — Music for content creators

A channel dedicated to search, catalog, sort and publish no copyright music, vlog music and royalty free music for content creators. To submit music to us, please visit our Music Submission Page.

Audio Library Plus — Official Releases

A record label dedicated to providing free and safe music for content creators, without Content ID problems and at the same time to promote a new generation of incredible artists. To submit music to us, please visit our Music Submission Page.


We want to make it easy for artists to connect to the music industry and for the music industry to invest in the musician’s talent. ToneDen is a service for musicians to easily create beautiful personal profiles that integrates content from multiple social media services. Apart from intuitive design and smart content aggregation, ToneDen provides …

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A one-of-its-kind online music recording studio providing a fresh approach to creating real music with the world’s best musicians. Create like never before using innovative collaboration tools. Make awesome music online with a-list session musicians and singers, engineers and producers. Whether you are a songwriter, performing artist, hit song seeking producer, or a creative mind …

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Do you want sheet music for a song… any song? Our worldwide team of professional transcribers can start working on your project today. Just give us a YouTube link to the song. We’ll give you complete sheet music for keyboard, guitar and vocals, plus a playable MP3 and an editable MusicXML file. It’s quick, easy, …

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USA Songwriting Competition

The world’s leading international songwriting competition. Winners will be chosen by a Blue Ribbon Judging Committee comprised of music industry professionals including A&R managers from record labels, publishers and producers. Songs are judged equally on originality, lyrics, melody and composition. Songs may be in any language. Quality of performance and production will not be considered. …

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We are your one-stop-shop for high quality stock media at a fraction of the cost. With unique video, image, and audio Member Libraries—plus Marketplace content for both footage and photos—all the building blocks for amazing stories are right here. @StoryblocksCo StoryBlocks

WARM (World Airplay Radio Monitor)

The world’s first artist friendly high-scale radio airplay monitoring service. Currently, we are monitoring more than 25.000 radio stations in more than 130 countries. This is by far the biggest and widest radio monitoring service on the market. Now, the DIY segment, all musicians, artists, bands, managers, small labels, agents,publishers and promoters, can get real-time …

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Warrior Path TV

Helping life passion seekers take the path less traveled in order to achieve big dreams. Vids that are short, fun, inspiring and dream catching.