Genre: Children's Music

The New Lullabies

In case you weren’t aware, kid-ified versions of popular music, which trade guitars and drums for xylophones and hushed electronic tones, are kind of a thing now — and the results are … oddly hypnotizing.

New School Kids Music

Long the provenance of folk singers goofing up classic roots songs and toning down nursery rhymes, kids’ music has experienced a renaissance over the past 15 years. New artists incorporate everything from hip hop to new wave to bluegrass into songs written about subjects kids innately grasp.

Music for little kids. That doesn’t suck.

Toddler music can be pretty shit for parents to endure. But also, it can be NOT shit for them to endure. This playlist is the latter. Gentle, folksy and fun, you won’t even hate yourself for singing along.

Breakfast Time!

This Breakfast Time playlist features all your favorite children’s songs about food.