With Guitars

Why WithGuitars, I imagine you’re thinking? As most of the music we will cover could be described, by lazy hacks, as ‘guitar music’ it made sense. More to the point, I am a big fan of The Clash – the line “With Guitars!” is a Mick Jones reply to Joe Strummer’s announcement of the next song ‘English Civil War’. WithGuitars features the writing skills of a few former national editors of indie, alternative, and rock magazine titles, add to the mix some of the best writers around – here’s the part when I drop some names, John Robb, Chris Merriman, John Esplen, Chris Todd, Martin Herron, Ian Weiss, Jamie Morrell, Chris Storey and Jamie Gambino, to go on would be just showing off. Rest assured more details of who’s who will be posted here shortly

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