Wheel of Wonder – KAOS

A show that celebrates independent music, usually of the Celtic Folk Rock, Traditional Celtic and New Age genres, but any genre will do, as Radio Ray takes us through the (Pagan) Celtic Wheel of the year, stopping off here and there to introduce new thoughts on social and environmental sustainability between our fellow Humans and the natural world and new discoveries, innovations, and ideas that move us into a sustainable energy future. On Wheel of Wonder Radio Ray will also thank us for ‘Joining him on the Journey’ – as he explains and interprets many of the ideas, philosophies and ancient myths that have inspired the actions and viewpoints of modern Pagan (usually called ‘neo-pagan’, New Age, and Earth based spirituality. A whole Human, is a Human with soul and spirit. A whole Earth is an earth animated with life, spirit, magic, stories of place, and awe inspiring beauty. facebook.com/kaoscommunityradio @kaosolympia

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