Twangville (H)

Twangville began in early 2005 by humble means as a place to post playlists for our friends. It wasn’t long before we expanded to covering releases, reviews, downloads, links and more. Ultimately, we just want to help spread the word about some of our favorite musicians who often don’t get the credit they deserve. In search of twang, we typically look beyond traditional and mainstream country into genres like americana, alt-country, indie, rock, folk and blues … or just about anything that features a guitar. You’ll find that we tend to emphasize the alternative side of alt-country. As of 2012, we’re moving toward digital submissions as our primary means of receiving music for review. You can either email us or upload safely and securely through ReviewShine to save some stamps, reduce fuel consumption, and most importantly to get music to us sooner. Music submitted through ReviewShine will directly notify our most active reviewers of your requests. Just sign up as a promoter, upload your album and click “Twangville” (amongst others) as the blog you want to submit to

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