Truants is a non-profit and independent blog that mainly focuses on electronic and rap music. Starting out with two writers from Amsterdam early 2010, our team has grown to include over twenty writers who are based throughout Europe, Canada, Australia and The United States. An important element of our mission statement is that we attempt to bring a balance of established artists as well as up and coming fresh talent to the table, which seems to be an solid factor for our regular readers to keep coming back for more. We’ve been running a mixtape series about since the very beginning of Truants. Entitled The Truancy Volumes, our aim is to showcase some of our favourite artists to our readers. We’ve been placed in the Top 25 of Best Mixtape Series on Mixcloud, alongside Mary-Anne Hobbs and Red Bull Music Radio (“The Truants crew left school early to work on their blogging and podcasting. This turned out to be the right decisions, as they have managed to amass one of strongest mix series to date.”). All our previous instalments are listed here. You can find a more compact overview of our Truancy Volumes and other mixes and giveaways on our SoundCloud

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