Their Bated Breath (H)

I just love to listen to anything that makes noise, whether it’s John Coltrane’s sax, Radiohead’s method to the madness, Bjork’s idiosyncrasies, John Cage’s silent spaces or the rattling of a bad muffler. Hopefully, you’ll read this blog to find new music. Music has never been better or more unique than it is now. Take time out and truly listen to some of what is being created today. I don’t have any special qualifications. I’m just a dude who digs music. I listen to a lot of it. A lot. Occasionally, I’ll post some non-music related things. But musically speaking — I don’t know a thing. I own a guitar and a few harmonicas — and play none of them well enough to even suggest I can carry a tune. I can barely write a coherent thought, and love run-on sentences. But … Feel free to send a link to your music. Or go the old-school route and mail an LP, CD or cassette. Please try to include some bio information or a link to something about your band. I can’t promise to respond personally to every e-mail because there are just so many now. But realize that I understand all the hard work that goes into making music — so believe me when I say everything sent will be read, or listened to in full. I will adhere to any rules you have for posting songs. Take care. And always carry headphones

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