The Vinyl District

launched in 2007 as a tiny homage to the vinyl medium and Washington, DC’s remaining record stores. It was embraced not just locally, but by the online community at large as a needed voice in an otherwise download-obsessed culture. In Year 2, The Vinyl District (or TVD) partnered with the global phenomenon that was to become Record Store Day (itself in its second year) as the “official blog” of the event, and with this strategic alliance, TVD’s audience was made both national and international. A targeted relaunch of TVD occurred in January of 2011, when the DC model of localized vinyl, record store, and live music lifestyle reporting was replicated in what is currently 13 cities across the US and into the UK and Canada. TVD’s “Storefront” now consists of daily national and international updates from locations such as New York City, Los Angeles, Memphis, New Orleans, Chicago, and elsewhere, including London, Glasgow, and Toronto, CA

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