The Record Stache

The idea of creating The Record Stache all came to be while I sat one fine morning, enjoying a nice bowl of Apple Jacks cereal. As I ate, I thought to myself, “This stuff, matter-of-factly, does not taste like apples.” Like a giant burst of nostalgia, I had a flashback to the Apple Jacks commercials that aired in the 90’s where a group of hip teens were all hanging out on some door step, chowing down their Apple Jacks, and the dad comes out and says something along the lines of, “Why do you guys like that stuff? It doesn’t even taste like apples.” and then the friends go back and forth with each other trying to come up with a reason why they like the cereal, and all they can come up with is, “We just do.” Anywho, the whole catch phrase they based their reasoning for liking Apple Jacks was, “We eat what we like.” I wanted a blog to exist that supported new musicians, while at the same time, reviving some forgotten ones. So, just like the Apple Jacks, this blog will be dedicated to “eating what I like.” I’m committed to discovering music, new and old, and I’ll post whatever catches my ear, no matter what genre it comes from

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