The Modern Folk Music Of American (H)

the goal of my site is to feature what i think of as “folk music”, which is music made by people who are trying to get by leading lives in our modern world who love to express themselves through music. any genre or medium is welcome. i prefer submissions via soundcloud, bandcamp, or youtube, because these formats allow me to easily embed your music in my post and it leads readers directly back to your site, video stream, etc. my site is unlike many music sites because i do not select or review the music i post. i post what is sent my way or occasionally what i come across on my own with out regard to my personal taste or to any concerns of “hipness”, theme, or curation. MFOA is not a taste maker it is a place for presentation. i do tend to describe and say a few positive words about each submission. i accept the music i receive as an artifact of american folk culture, much like the spiritual forefathers of my site, people like john and alan lomax, harry smith, and other ethnomusicologists and folklorists would have

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