The Interns

In an ever-evolving world, our relationship to new music is progressively becoming more and more like the rapid fire experience of casual sex: find a single, take it home and play with it for a few days before tiring and moving on to the next eligible single, never to call again. We’re for taking that album home, getting to know the good (with the bad) and having those awkward conversations: What do you like? What don’t you like? What gets you off? We know not all relationships are destined to work but by injecting time, dialogue and, most importantly, debate back into the way we experience music, you might actually find something you like amongst new and unfamiliar territory. With an emphasis on collaborative conversation surrounding new music, we endeavour to bring you singles from all over the internet, with the hope that you’ll sit with something, get to know it, get to know us and, who knows, maybe even find yourself a new life partner (or 10)

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