The Electricity Club

The Electricity Club was founded on 15th March 2010 in a bid to be part of the emerging electropop scene. Several meetings followed to discuss how best to become involved in this vibrant scene. These meetings were referenced in reports and subsequent meetings were arranged to discuss the outcome of the reports on the previous meetings. Some PowerPoint presentations were involved. The final conclusion was aim to feature the best in new and classic electro AND pop. With informed opinion and trivia, this site is for like-minded people who are excited about pop music and not afraid to try something new. Whether it’s the heroes of Synth Britannia, the new wave optimism of New Pop or the female-led L-Word electro generation, it all deserves your attention. A site that dares to mention LADY GAGA, LITTLE BOOTS, OMD, NEW ORDER and KRAFTWERK in the same breath? A site that likes to talk about the best of the new sounds that are emerging in an invigorated music scene? A site that prefers not to employ phrases such as “80s”?

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