The Big Takeover

The Big Takeover is a bi-annual music magazine published out of New York City since 1980 by critic Jack Rabid, with the considerable help of dozens of staffers, interns, contributors, and volunteers. The Big Takeover usually appears in June and December, with most recent issues coming in around 200 glossy pages. The review section, featuring Jack’s Top 40 for the issue, is regularly 60-80 pages long. The magazine also features lengthy, in-depth interviews with favorite artists transcribed verbatim, sometimes stretching over two issues. The Big Takeover recently relocated to Brooklyn from the Lower East Side NYC apartment that was its home for 25 years, highlighted by its special 30th anniversary festival at Brooklyn’s Bell House club, July 30-31, 2010 (with The Chameleons’ Mark Burgess, The Avengers, For Against, Springhouse, Channel 3, Visqueen, Sleepover Disaster, The Sharp Things, Don McGlashan of Mutton Birds, Libertines U.S., Jon Auer of The Posies, Steve Drewett of Newtown Neurotics, EDP, Flower, Paul Collins, and Curtain Society

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