A media organisation run by a community of young people that provides training and broadcast opportunities for young Australians. Each year SYN has four unique seasons of radio, with up to 30 seasonal programs running for a short time. Please include a biography, and contact details (especially your e-mail address) with your mail. If sending multiple CDs, use one envelope/package only. Do not send the same release in multiple envelopes/packages. Do not mail individual presenters, programs or staff members music. Please direct your mail to the title of ‘music manager’ and NOT the person currently filling the role. You can directly contact the music manager by e-mail. We prefer CDs but if you must send digitally, send LINKS. DO NOT. ATTACH MP3s! Send your music via digital download LINKS (Mediafire, Sendspace etc.). We can listen to audio-streams but we can’t put them to air so we must be provided with a download LINK. All music sent to syn must be at least 320kbps/MP3 or .wav/flac quality. We will not play anything below 320kbps on air. @synmedia

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