Syffal started out as a group of friends emailing their music finds to one another, with clever little write ups that eschewed the traditional album review format. We eventually realized that we were on to something and decided to take the show on the road. We started SYFFAL as a way to share our love for the music that moved us, and connect artists we loved with people beyond our small group. Our approach to music is this: If we like it, we ride for it. If we don’t? Fuck it. We are not going to listen to it another 6 times and then spend an hour or so writing a piece explaining why it sucks. That is something only a cutter or a sadomasochist would do. Instead we focus on the positive, not in a “The Secret” way but in a “This makes me want to take acid in the shower while eating a falafel kind of way”. You won’t find over thought reviews, you won’t find self important interviews. You will find a small band of music fans talking about music the way fans talk about music, fuck all that other pretty boy shit. Indie Music, Album Reviews, Band Interviews Looking for new music SYFFAL IT Independent Music, Album Reviews, Interviews & best of all, Del in a tank top, rocking a mustache, looking down his nose at you

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