Swell Tone Music (H)

“Shana is a concert-going, tea-toting, fun-loving queen of the music scene. An Australian music aficionado, she is down with the down under and Swell Tone’s resident expert on everything indie, pop, folk, lo-fi, garage, dreamy, shiny and new. When she’s not hunting for thrift shop treasures or perusing pictures of puppies, she enjoys discovering fresh tunes and crafting the perfect playlist… she’s a swell gal!” – Victoria “Enduring Septa creepies and projectile merchandise to the face, Victoria is a dedicated live music junkie who enjoys folk, electronic, cinematic, punk, and all kinds of remixes. While fighting/embracing a serious coffee addiction, this sweet goddess of all things artsy can be found doodling, snapping the perfect instagram pictures, hitting the town with friends, and putting together the most adorably personal mixed CDs… she’s a swell gal!” – Shana Swell Tone is the music adventures of two gals in Philadelphia. With an emphasis on the new and undiscovered, we aim to bring you the swellest of musical gems from amongst the sea of many

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