Surviving The Golden Age (H)

Surviving the Golden Age was started in 2005 on Blogger. Built from the ground up, it became one of the most read music blogs on the internet (sort of). In February of 2010, the blog was deleted by Blogger upon pressure from the DMCA. Several days later this incarnation of Surviving the Golden Age was launched, Surviving the Golden Age 2: Electric Bugaloo as we liked to call it. Enjoy the fruits of our labour. If you want to contact us email Adam at Surviving the Golden Age dot com. The best way to submit music to be considered for posting is to email the above email address with an mp3 or soundcloud link. The email should also contain some flattering comments towards how awesome Surviving the Golden Age is or how handsome is its creator. Submissions will not be accepted via Surviving the Golden Age’s twitter, facebook, or soundcloud pages. Submissions through social media will be banned from posting consideration. Submissions will also not be accepted if your main website is a Myspace page because this is not 2003…Mark Zuckerberg won…just watch the Social Network. Thanks for reading!

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