Sunset In the Rearview (H)

Sunset in the Rearview is a music blog started in December 2008 that features mainly indie-rock and hip-hop. We also feature mashups and some electronic tunes. Some days, though, all we want is some softer folk music. No matter what the genre, we’ll provide you with new music every day and typically some fun reading to go along with it. Sunset was founded by Lydia Simmons in 2008. It started simply as a way to share great music, but has evolved into a collection of new music, reviews, interviews, news, and more. It’s different from the thousands of other music blogs in that it’s not racing to post the newest music first; we serve as a bit of a filter. We give the music a good listen before posting it, making sure that we can say something worth your time reading when we do end up posting it. 5000 likes of FB Music Submissions (with cover art) should be sent to the following: Music Submissions are accepted in SoundCloud messages [Link to our SoundCloud page] Please let us know in the message if you would like for us to consider premiering your track. *The preferred format is to include a direct file.mp3 link in the email or a link to a SoundCloud player. If you are interested in promotional giveaways, please specify this in the subject line. Thank you!

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