Shotgun Seat, The

Ever wondered what it’d be like to sit in the same room as your favorite artist – how they hold their coffee cup, which songs they’d pull their phone out of their pocket to play for you, and what brings that enthusiastic light to their eyes? Ever felt like a song was written just for you, and needed to know more about the people that wrote it? Ever found an artist so good that you wouldn’t really get over it until every single one of your friends had heard your ten favorite songs (at least ten times, and they better love them)? Us too. We’re a group of music lovers based in Nashville, TN (and our writers span the U.S., U.K., Canada, and Australia) that want to connect you with the artists and songs that backdrop or centerpiece your life story. Take a ride in the shotgun seat with your favorite artists and songwriters – we’re just the vehicle through which they share their stories. @TheShotgunSeat

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