Shell Zenner Show – Amazing Radio

A deliciously chatty interviewer and friendly face for touring bands, Shell treats her radio shows as a mutual appreciation society between musicians, labels and listeners. She also writes, blogs and social networks feverishly! To be aired on her Amazing Radio show, you MUST upload your music to, the station’s sister website. Unfortunately, Shell can’t playlist your tracks if they’re not on the website: even if she has received them via e-mail. Sorry, folks – that’s the rules! Shell’s time at the computer to listen to music is limited as she’s often out and about at gigs or interviewing bands and therefore she often listens to new music on her iPod. To strengthen your chances of being heard you are best to send her a download LINK with an unlimited expiry date using a facility such as Dropbox or Soundcloud in addition to uploading to Amazing Tunes. @shellzenner

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