Seismic Sound is a website that focuses on the independent music scene in the Seattle area as well as the Pacific North West in general … not to mention the interest of independent music as a whole. It will consist of : New Music/ Previews/Reviews/Interviews and the music news blurbs you may want to know about. This is a forum to bring the amazing music and people of the PNW to light. Its rich with amazing musicians, people, venues, festivals and diverse genres of music, and I want to share them with the rest of the world. As a resident and musical mad-man of the music scene; I will do everything I can to bring the music, the places, and the people to the pages of Seismic Sound. This isn’t a hobby, this is a passion. This website is going to be a work in progress, and will feature new artists, free downloads, tix, guest writers, as well as Seismic Sound merchandise (In due time). I will also be linked to Twitter (Seismicsound1) and Facebook, so PLEASE tell your friends. I hope you enjoy the things I will be bringing you … because I can’t wait to do it! Go out and support your local musicians and venues…..Lets make sure to keep the vibrant music scenes in all of our cities alive and well. Enjoy

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