Roots Rock Review

Covers modern day Americana, Blues, Jazz, Folk as well as other types of original music which falls just outside the bounds of mainstream Rock and Roll. We only review or feature full-length albums and EPs (we use the 30 minute running time threshold to distinguish between the two). Further, this music must be publicly available (on sale) at the time of submission or at an established future release date. We do not review single songs.The preferable method for submissions is having you direct us to a downloadable Zip file, comprised of quality MP3s with a minimum bit rate of 160 kb/s. Send an e-mail which specifies the location of the Zip file and includes the following information (*required): artist name*, album title*, release date*, artist details (hometown, band members by instrument, bio(s))*, images of album cover*, image of artist/band, contact e-mail*, website, link(s) to where music is commercially available, social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reverbnation, YouTube and Google+ only), production notes (song credits, studio, dates recorded, producer, instrumentation and players), any other relevant notes of interest. If you’d prefer to send us a professionally packaged CD, great! Please include all the required information above and send to our mailing address. @modernrockrev

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