Room Thirteen

Room Thirteen launched in October 2003 and to this day is run entirely by volunteers who share a common passion for music and all that goes with it. We are a completely independent organisation that strives to provide as wide a coverage as possible with next to no resources. We think we do a pretty fine job at it and it seems Joe Public agrees; our monthly unique visitor numbers passed the 200,000 mark for the first time back in 2007. Since we first started we have worked with hundreds (if not thousands!) of labels and PR companies to provide coverage of thousands of releases and news items as well as features and interviews. We’ve interviewed everyone we could get our hands on from Motorhead to The Charlatans! We’re as interested in the small guys breaking through as we are in the big guns and you’re just as likely to find a review of a demo from an unknown band taking their first steps in the business as you are to find a review of Metallica’s latest offering

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