Regnsky (H)

The word Regnsky is a Danish word, which in English means “Rain cloud”. The Regnsky blog is the sweetest music blog in Denmark. The blog is maintained by some young nice guys located in Copenhagen. Our love for music is the biggest motivation and because of this we are always extremely pasionated when writing about the music we love. We don’t write our posts in English, but if you’re interested in knowing what we think, feel free to contact us for an English version. Otherwise you can check Google Translator for an imperfect translation from Danish to English. If you’re making music and want us to give you some attention here on the blog or want us to hear some good tunes, we would be happy if you’d upload them to our SoundCloud or send them to our mail: info [at] Please make sure that the quality of the song matches the quality you want us to post in. We will listen to all material being sent to us, but unfortunately we don’t have ressources to answer every email

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