Raised By Gypsies

Raised by Gypsies was formed as a way to promote music which is free for listeners to download, usually from Band Camp. There is quite a bit of free music out there for your ears, but free download doesn’t always mean it’s good. RBG is a way to help you guide your way through what to download. Basically, our reviews say (for the most part) “This is a great album and you can download it for free so you should”. We also really like cassettes and physical forms of music which can be purchased to help support artists. While we have always had the theory of music being best when it is free, listening to something without paying for it is not going to help anyone and if you want the bands you like to continue to make music then you should grab a cassette, t-shirt, see them live, whatever. Just give your money to bands you like or else they might no longer be there

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