Pilerats (H)

We’re an arm round your shoulder, a guide/light in the dark, the annoying older brother or sister who think they’re heaps cool and keeps showing you things they think are cool. Your independent source for creative exploration. A leading web destination and champions of emerging contemporary talent since 2011, let us be the force that pushes you to discover creators and thought from all over the globe. Pilerats is a multi-faceted creative collective established in 2011, in Perth, Western Australia. As individuals, we’ve collectively amassed a wealth of experience working in the music, design and publishing industries. Within the Pilerats collective are journalists, editors, filmmakers, photographers, graphic designers, event promoters, digital marketing pros, branding experts… and even a chow-chow called Yeezy (although for the most part she sleeps during team meetings), and Archie, whatever the hell that other thing is

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