Operation Every Band

Reviewing every band on the SXSW lineup since 2010….That?s where we come in. Among those 2,000 artists are the next ?buzz bands of 2014?, but more importantly, artists that will fit directly in your tastes and should move into your record collection. For Operation Every Band, the goal is to listen and review every artist on the roster. For anyone who cares to do the math, that?s a lot of listening and writing, but the payoff is exponential with sounds from the past, present and future. Over the next five months, the OEB team (Kevin, Alison, Nate and Lucas) will be posting write-ups, videos, a slew of artist interviews and other SXSW goodies. Our bread and butter comes with The Spreadsheet, an all-encompassing look at the SXSW roster with descriptions and micro-reviews along with our subjective rating. I?ll follow up with a series of posts detailing out the process and what to expect for this year?s OEB season over the next week, but above all, it?s great to be back!

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