One on One Music

We’re a website, we’re based in England, and we REALLY love music. That’s all we care for. We don’t feature a band purely because they’re a ‘buzz band’, or because everyone’s billing them as the ‘SAVIOURS OF ROCK AND ROLL’ – we only write about the music we love. We want you to be sure that we’re only shouting about a band because we think they’re absolutely fantastic and because we want you to love them too. Isn’t that the whole idea? So, what can we offer you? Well, we’ve got a few things you might like. We’ve got a load of interviews with some of the best new and established artists in the world today. We’ve got fair and honest reviews of the best new releases and reissues floating around right now – we basically shout about the good stuff and warn you about the bad stuff. We’ve got news. We’ve got features. We’ve got photo galleries. We’ve got more videos than you can shake a stick at. @oneononemusic @dnangove

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