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I am a disabled U. S. Navy veteran and a big fan of all genres except for Rap. To keep my mind occupied and off the pain I live with 24/7, I am writing music reviews for CDs and vinyl I receive in the mail. I have written reviews for Rounder, Warner Brothers and many PR firms and independent record labels. In addition to my blog, Twitter, and Facebook, if there are any of your albums on Amazon, I will post my review there also. If you are interested in having me review your CD or vinyl, please contact me. If you have a t-shirt that I can wear to promote your band, I wear an X-large. The reason I do this is not for money. I love music and I believe in supporting bands and artists. I love doing reviews and with my small pension, I cannot afford to buy CDs or vinyl or t-shirts. Please keep in mind, at this time, I am only able to review PHYSICAL copies. facebook.com/robert.levoy.7 @boblevoy

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