No Clean Singing (H)

This is a labor of love, sometimes a labor of lust. We could make money if we wanted to, probably enough to buy an extra shot or something oily and caffeinated the next morning, but we don?t advertise and we don?t take money from anyone else for anything. Life is already too cluttered. We?ve been around since November 2009. When the site began, the name of it was serious. But as time has passed, my own tastes have broadened and other writers have joined us, and they?re even more open-minded than I am. Now, the name just confuses people, because sometimes we write about metal that includes actual singing instead of (or in addition to) growling, howling, and shrieking. But it?s kind of like if you named your kid Rufus. When she grows up, it confuses other people, but she is what she is and it might confuse people even more if you legally changed it. So, we write about lots of music genres, 99% of it metal, and about 99% of that extreme metal. We call it like we see it, even when we?re cross-eyed. But we only write about music we like and want to recommend. If we don?t like something we just ignore it. If you?re looking for negative reviews, you?ll need to go elsewhere

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