Each Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, I present to you a feature on an emerging artist and why you should know about them. I present to you the highlights of each artist and tell you who the band is, why they’re awesome, and where you can hear their music. Each Wednesday, I present a featured album review of either a nationally recognized artist or an indie band and offer up my critique of the album and present the album strengths and/or weaknesses. Sporadically through the week, I’ll present breaking music news as it happens and give you all the facts you need to know about this story and how it affects you. Any submissions received through Facebook message or Twitter DM will be automatically ignored. Submissions must include a link to where I can listen to your music. (Bandcamp, Soundcloud etc.) Song attachments must be in MP3 format only and album submissions must be in a compressed .zip folder. @MusicBoxPete

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