Music Reports

Transparent, independent and trusted, Music Reports has been pioneering cutting-edge solutions to rights administration for 20 years. We invent solutions for the increasingly complicated digital media landscape, setting the standard for innovation in rights management. We build customized tools to solve any market intelligence, rights acquisition, administration, reporting or payment challenges facing the music and data industries, employing intel and software to automate and accelerate accurate, transparent reporting. Music Reports is not a society or an aggregator of rights. We do not require rights owners to affiliate with us, become members, or pay any fees to receive the reports or payments we provide on behalf of our clients. We do not set royalty rates and we do not commission royalties. When we pay, we pay 100% of royalties due from the first use of each sound recording embodying your composition(s), with no deductions other than required tax withholdings (if applicable). SONGDEX is the world’s largest and fastest-growing registry of music copyright and related business information, containing detailed, relational data on tens of millions of songs, recordings, and their owners, covering virtually all of the commercially significant music in existence. SONGDEX demystifies and simplifies music rights administration. twitter @MusicReportsInc

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