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We are based in Sydney, Australia and we review, photograph and video live gigs, concerts and bands. We also aggregate other (global) indie music site’s content through our social pages and platforms. We always review a gig from a (potential) fan’s perspective: As a member of the crowd with no bias. We write honest reviews, not nasty; but supportive and encouraging. We always try and take soul deep photos and videos of each band as they let loose their performance. From every angle at the gig to fully present the ‘live’ atmosphere. Most importantly we try and get amazing photos that people see and go ‘Shit! I wish I went to that gig!’ ‘It was going off.’ Music genre we cover: Indie, Rock, Pop, Punk, Grunge, Emo, Screamo, Pop-Punk, Alternative, Funk & Acoustic. Venues we cover: International & local touring bands at stadiums, gigs, concerts and festivals. My reviews and photos are syndicated through Indie Music Review (New York) and Little Indie Blogs (London, UK). Bands can submit their content via e-mail or send directly to our Facebook page. @CharlotteG1998_

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