Music City Roots, Live From The Factory

A weekly, two-hour radio show that revives the historic legacy of live musical radio production in Nashville. Music City Roots, Live From The Factory showcases Nashville’s astonishing music scene, from country and Americana to more progressive interpreters of tradition – a ‘roots and branches’ format that brings together fans of different tastes and generations. Presented live from the stage of the The Factory, this show will showcase purveyors of authenticity across many genres. Music fans worldwide know Nashville as the epicenter of country music, and Music City Roots, Live From The Factory embraces and builds on that foundation. MCR is broadcast to a global audience, not just as the keeper of the traditional flame, but as a trusted tastemaker that looks to the future of music in all its forms and sub-genres: Bluegrass, Folk, Alternative, Western, Rockabilly and crossovers into Rock, Jazz and World music. There has never been a time of greater variety, abundance and quality in Nashville’s creative community, and Music City Roots looks to put that talent on a worldwide stage. Please submit via our ONLINE FORM. @MusicCityRoots

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