Mood Media

The fastest growing and the world’s largest music supplier for major businesses & retail chains across in 39 countries across the world. The most important thing we provide for independent artists and our label partners is opportunity for tremendous EXPOSURE. Your songs have the potential opportunity to be heard by millions of new listeners, all while generating royalties each quarter. Countless artists have reached back out to us, saying that they have been contacted by new fans that have discovered their song being played in a particular store or chain. Songs you upload MUST be an MP3 file encoded at 64-512kbps or VBR with 44.1 kHz sampling rate and less than 30 MB. Of note: Make sure you do not use any slashes (/) or other non-alphabetic characters in your song title. Make sure you add .mp3 to the file name if you’re using a Mac. @moodmedia

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