Meet Mike, your new band manager! Mike is a mobile application that will give you the power to take charge of the business aspects of your music career. From goal setting to managing your finances to task and event management, Mike will keep you updated, motivated and in control of your own destiny, leaving you free to create amazing music. From Facebook likes to Twitter Followers, Profit, Gigs, and more, set your goals and visualise your progress to stay motivated and on track until you have achieved your target. Get productive by breaking down your workload into specific actionable tasks with due dates, and check them off when you’re done. Track your income and expenses with a beautiful chart to help you clearly visualise profits and losses. Set your budgets for both income and expenses and track your progress against your budgets to stay on track. Capture your upcoming events, from gigs to rehearsals and meetings. Are you in a band? Quickly and conveniently manage the attendance of your band members for each event. facebook.com/mikeappofficial @mikeappofficial

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