May Rock Be With You

In a world where the music industry is slowly going the way of the caribou, one website sets out on one mission, to stand alone high atop a mountain of rock. May The Rock Be With You??featuring the best things you have and haven?t heard in the world of hard, glam, melodic, modern, pop, ROCK and METAL! Frustrated by a lack of ?genre-less? music webzines that promote new music and interview bands that never get interviewed, we thought it was time to do something about it. We know you are out there ?artists, record labels, management, promoters and fans, all victims of industry gatekeepers asleep on the job and people being brainwashed by what is considered hip today or governed by what others may portray as being uncool. May The Rock Be With You is here to fill that gap, a vehicle to promote your music and a place where music lovers can come to find the best thing they?ve never heard

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