Mammal Man

I am no normal man, I come from Titan, Saturn’s most enchanting moon. While I was descending to the Earth, someone clicked me a photo, which is now my display picture. And since I live on Earth disguised as a human now, I am called Mammal Man. With me I brought some amazing music from Titan, and this is where I share them. Wanna join me while I share them amazing frequencies and melodies? Titan is the kind of place where all the pain becomes senseless, a place where there is no sorrow, no misery and no disgrace in any form. Its a place where I find myself every time I lose myself, it’s a place no lesser than what you call as heaven, and it’s a place I call home. It calls me home, but I am stuck here on Earth, every day when I share music, it’s me trying to find my way back home.

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