Mad Mackerel, The

Americana | Country | Folk | Garage | Indie | Psychedelia. We’d love to hear from you. Contact us / send stuff to our mailing address. We always have an enormous backlog of music to stream as, due to work restrictions, these are much trickier and time consuming for us compared with having an MP3 or download link. We try to listen to all the track(s) we are sent, but it is usually weeks before we get to a streamed submission, and then it is often too out of date to be worth posting. If you can provide a download at the same time as the stream we will hear it much faster. Attaching MP3s to an e-mail is fine. Providing digital links is fine. Soundcloud links are great. Dropbox links are fine and Bandcamp links are fine (though it is irritating to have to provide an e-mail address to get the download just because of the sheer volume we get this way – if you have a Bandcamp download code can we have it please). We often download a lot of tracks in one go from various sources and add it to our iTunes library. However, if the song is not labelled properly and appears as ‘track 2 master’ with no artist name it is not likely to get listened to very quickly (if at all) compared with something labelled properly. Nor do AIFF and WAV files help much as they are so large and need to be converted into an mp3 before we can do anything with them. We do love getting CDs and records in the mail and always listen to the former relatively quickly. If sending vinyl including a digital download link as well is very helpful and makes it much quicker for us to listen to your stuff. @Madmackerel

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