Jazz Right Now

A commentary on New York City?s contemporary creative improvised music scene. You will find here the latest news on the scene as well as an archive of musicians, recordings, interviews, concerts, reviews and other information. This project grew out of a desire to shed greater light upon the musical renaissance now ongoing in New York City with particular emphasis on young and emerging artists?It is also the goal of this website to move beyond the Jazz wars and genre wars of the previous generation. It bears no fruit to attempt to isolate Jazz out of a desire for ?purity? or to try to define what Jazz is. Indeed, many of the musicians included here draw from outside the genre and to great effect. My use of the term Jazz here is only meant to form a baseline from which to start, rather than serve as a limiting factor by which to define or divide. facebook.com/jazzrightnow @JazzRightNowNYC

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