Jaden Digital

The way people discover and access music has begun to shift heavily in favour of the online/electronic medium. As a result, artists are now seeing unprecedented returns on their social media investments. Finding the right partner to integrate and leverage your social media plans is now an integral part of building effective artist branding. In an industry as cut-throat and competitive as music, there is no doubt that a successful artist must dedicate 110% of their time, focus and energy to perfecting their craft. Moreover, learning the ins and outs of the Social Media world can be an infinitely complex, technical, and time-consuming process – one that drains valuable time from the artist’s other necessary commitments. Hence, it really is no wonder that many artists don’t have a good understanding of, or simply do not have the time to maximize, the potential gains of an effective and carefully targeted online marketing campaign. This is where our expertise and experience comes in. Working closely with our clients we develop a “cut-through” digital strategy to discover and engage fans, build the fanbase and make sure that your online presence fits your brand . Put simply, Jaden Social maximizes the artist’s online visibility, ensuring that their product makes it in front of the people who matter. facebook.com/JadenDigital

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