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itm? had a previous ?mission statement when a full-time, in-print, paid-for magazine ? that we would endeavour to review everything that was sent our way. A bit of a rod for our own backs and one which has become too much to bear, as the tiny team of reviewers is now unable to cover a fraction of the hundreds of CDs and downloads submitted every week. In fact, as we?re a Scottish-based site, we used to say that we?d ?do our best? to prioritise releases from this neck of the woods. Slightly biased perhaps, but that parochialism is now at an end, as we are now unable to promise even that. (Note that always attempts to list all Scottish releases when they come out. So this ?scaling down? means that your precious promo CD is even more likely to be wasted, while your email is rather more likely to get no more than a cursory glance

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