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We highlight exceptional local and national bands through the coverage of daily news, interviews, live reviews, album reviews, photos, contests and more. It is our mission to not only aid you in falling in love with your favorite band, but introduce you to new, exciting acts, and keep the music scene alive. We want to hear from you! If you are an exceptional emerging artist send us an e-mail. Please note: This is for independent artists only. All press releases sent to this e-mail will be deleted. To ensure delivery please send your music via stream (not download), all relevant social media & website links, 3 bands you’ve been compared to, along with album / single / video release date. Include in the subject line ‘Infectious Magazine Submission’ and the name of your band. What you’re looking for. We aren’t psychic, so if you’re looking for a review, please say it. Guest blog? Let us know. Please note we do not review singles or albums/EPs that have been out for more than a week. Please note: At this time we only cover the following genres: Indie, Alternative, Pop Punk, Pop, Metal and Singer/Songwriter. We do NOT cover Rap, Hip Hop, R&B or Country. @InfectiousMag

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